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Understanding the Differences between Commercial Photography and Advertising Photography

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Though they are often used as each other’s synonyms, commercial photography and advertising photography are not same. They have differences in terms of contents, goals and perceptive. Only a highly-trained and professional photographer can understand these differences. Being a business owner in Canterbury, you should hire the photographer for your advertising after checking all these factors.

Both advertising photography and commercial photography can be used for business promotion purpose. But the differences are intriguing and imperative too.

Commercial Photography

In this type of photography, the photographers take snaps of models, buildings artefacts, products, and landscapes intending to showcase the commercial aspect of the same. These photos are generally used in wholesale and retail sectors. They are ideal for the promotional activities of a certain business.

Advertising Photography

The main aim of advertising photography is to make the viewers feel connected to the mood and emotion of the products. The photographers intend to make their subject look alluring, beautiful and intriguing so that the viewers can feel an urge to buy these products.  They make their subject aesthetically beautiful and captivating by adding colours, style, frames and lights.

Differences between these Two

Commercial photographers intent on capturing the main essence of a product, and the advertising photographers intend to convince the viewers about the product through his photographic skill. There are differences in style, as well.

However, only a trained and experienced photographer can understand these differences and help you to enjoy the best output.

Being the business owner, you should always look for a trained, passionate and skilled photographer who can understand your aim and requirements in the best possible manner.

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