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Internet Marketing

WE LOVE MARKETING! If there is one thing we love working with our clients on, it's helping promote our client's business.

What is best, is not just our passion, but that we are so well equipped to help your business and at really great rates as we can deliver everything you need in house - How many companies in and around Canterbury are capable to produce your designs, take photos, videos and more all in house? We can! What it also means is that we can turn around your crazy marketing ideas at breakneck speed, at a high quality and with the years of experience to deliver it effectively.

So if you are looking for a passionate, exciting and experienced marketing team, drop us a call on 01227 638533

From local businesses to national campaigns, we have worked and been successful in both remits. Local businesses are our specialty and have loyal customers who we generate work for every month. As we are a design agency, unlike most social media companies, we can actually create the material for you too! This makes us very affordable, easy to work with and leads to fantastic material!

We love to create exciting campaigns for our clients. Have you got a product or service you want to build an exciting campaign for? Then talk to us - we love to think of engaging and fun ideas and then have the expertise to launch and market them for you.

We love making videos! Just give us a call and let's create something exciting together. We have created several fun videos that have gained great traction and are always looking for more opportunities to create marketing videos in and around Canterbury!

See for yourself:

Daniel Galvin Jr Web Design, Photography & Video, Internet Marketing, Graphic Design

Daniel Galvin Jr is one of the UKs premier hair salons with many royal clients and regularly featured on TV shows like Made in Chelsea. With its hair salon in exclusive London Belgravia, Daniel personally chose emagine create for its web and marketing company over 7 years ago and the

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Isaacs Farm Web Design, Photography & Video, Graphic Design

Isaacs farm was taken over by Melanie Nahum, who is a very forward thinking livery owner who wanted to set the standard for livery yards in Kent. Melanie chose emagine create as the company to take on their entire brand development project. After getting frustrated with an initial designers, who

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