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Categorically Busting the Common Myths Related to Web Design

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For as long as the internet has existed, website designing has existed alongside it. Earlier, websites used to have quite a basic design that was meant to serve the most rudimentary needs of the user. But as time passed, the designs started to become more and more intricate, subsequently coming to today’s situation, when it has become imperative that you hire professionals for web design in Canterbury if you happen to own a website.

Another thing to have happened as the years have gone by is that there are certain myths that have come to associate themselves with web designing. For the most part, these myths are inaccurate in contemporary times, although they may have had some relevance in the years gone by. Discussed below are these myths and also the reasons why you should not pay any heed to them.

Common Myths about Web Design in Canterbury You Should Stop Believing

  • Hidden Content is Essential

There was a time when hidden content on a website was a novelty and an ever-increasing number of website owners and designers alike started to opt for it. You would come across carousels, accordions, and sliders on almost every website that you would visit. However, the thing that needs to be understood is that those times have passed, and in today’s times, users find it quite cumbersome to have to navigate through all the hidden content. It is much better to keep all the content in plain view of the user, as they prefer it that way anyway.

  • Design is More Important than Content

Another myth, a quite unfortunate one, that goes around related to web design is that people think that it is more important than content. The thing that people don’t realise is that the content forms the crux on which the entire website is going to stand on. To have a well-designed website that does not have any content is like seeing a person without any legs. The content of your website should influence the design, and it should never be the other way around. If you do insist on having a design before you have published any content, you should be ready to experience long-term failure as far as the website is concerned.

  • Users Do Not Like to Scroll

One myth that has always been associated with website designing is that users are not particularly interested in scrolling through the contents of a page. You have to put all the information in as compact a way as possible if the website is going to be successful. This is not correct, though! If the content on your website is interesting and up to the mark, then you can be sure of the fact that readers will scroll as much as they need to in a bid to read the whole content. This one aspect of web design in Canterbury and indeed anywhere else in the world has been incorrect from day 1 and continues to be. The times have changed considerably over the years, but there can be no substitute for good content, and the web design should not suffer because of that.

  • You Need to Like the Website

You have to realise that the website you own is not for you; it is for the viewers. As long as they are fine with the web design and the content that you are putting up, that should be enough for you. If you happen to dislike the design of your website, so be it! The audience you are targeting likes it, and that is that should matter to you.

These are the myths that are rife in the matters of web design. It is high time that you see the facts for what they are and appreciate them.