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5 SEO Tips for Small Businesses in 2020

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SEO or search engine optimization is for both the big corporate brands and tar small local companies. While big corporate houses are setting their own business goals and planning their SEO strategies, the small and local business owners are also trying to cope up in this competitive market with robust SEO techniques. They want to hire an SEO agency that can plan useful and bespoke SEO strategies for their local businesses.

If you are one of those local companies with small goals and limited funds, then here are the top 5 SEO tips for your small business in 2020.

Check Out the Latest SEO Techniques for Local Business

  1. Google My Business is Must

When you go for GMB or Google My Business, it enhances the chance of getting a higher rank on the search results when people are looking for your business. It gives your local business great exposure on Google Maps. People can find your business on any of their devices through Google Maps. A professional SEO guide will help you to obtain the best benefits of GMB.

  • Local Listing Creation

It is important to create a local listing in Google to make people find your business easily. You can add your business information on the directory sites so that more and more potential clients can be aware of your brand and business through the same. Put your business description, web address, contact details and working hours correctly, and that should be similar in all the directories.

  • Maintain the Consistency of NAP

NAP stands for the Name, Address and Phone Number of a business. Ensure that you are maintaining the consistency of this information everywhere. Whether it is your website, business listing directories or Facebook Page; you need to mention the same NAP in each and every place. This will help your target audience to find you easily, and this will prove the reliability of your business as well.

  • Google Reviews for Positive Impacts

Online reviews are one of the most significant factors for any business to make them trustworthy in the market. It is also a great factor to improve the search visibility of your LOCAL SEO. These online reviews tell people about the positive as well as the negative factors about business and help them to choose the right service providers or products. 80% of customers prefer to check Google Reviews before dealing with a company for the first time. They check the legit reviews for gathering information about a certain product or brand too.

  • Create Local GEO Pages

Create local pages with the names of the locations like the town, county or city to get more local traffic on those pages. This will help you to make your business locally popular and accessible. A professional and reliable local SEO agency will always help you in creating geo pages for your local business.

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