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5 Search Engine Optimisation Trends To Rank Your Website In 2020

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Do you dream of ranking Number 1 on Google? Looking for ways to improve your site ranking on SERPs? Well, a top rank in Google attracts maximum visitor clicks, bringing valuable organic traffic. Wondering about how to ensure your site appears in the top results on search engines? Implementing latest SEO trends can help you grow your business with search engine optimisation in Canterbury.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a process where websites get ranked with the help of content and keywords. With search engines considered as the most reliable source for finding information, organic traffic is the most valuable traffic. The successful websites are strong in all three areas- content, audience and technology. Therefore, ensuring your SERP snippet is relevant and clickable for search query is important. as your competitor’s snippets for search query is thus important.

Here’s a list of trends which will affect your site ranking in the years to come.

Search Engine Optimisation In Canterbury: Top Trends To Impact Your Site Ranking In 2020

  • Produce High-Quality Content For The Snippet

Knowing the newest content trends of Google is very important. You need to ensure your content is simple to understand and well-readable. Bygone are the days when you could get your content stuffed with keywords. As per the recent Google SERP feature, the first 100 words should be the main ingredient of your story. This is because; Google has the tendency to crawl this at first.

  • Include Video Content In Your Strategy

Inclusion of video content in your strategy is one of the topmost SEO trends for 2020. Experts who specialise in search engine optimisation in Canterbury suggest including video content for better conversion. This is important because video marketing has the power to make visitors stay tuned with the displayed content.

  • Provide Data Which Target Audience Wants

As per the recent Google Algorithm Updates, keyword stuffing in content will not bring good conversions and rankings. Currently, it has been noted that search engines are looking to deliver the right message to the right audience. So, you need to focus on providing relevant data which your target audience wants.

  • Loading Speed Of Web Pages

Just like every other thing, the first experience is the last experience even in case of your websites. So, instead of spoiling your visitors’ mood with the slow loading speed of your site, consider optimising it. You need to optimise your site as per the keyword, content and other elements which impact the page’s loading speed. Furthermore, this will bring more leads and sales.

  • Make The Most Of Voice Search Strategy

With the rising prominence of chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI), voice search is the newest entry in SEO. Some of the real-life examples of voice search are – Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Google Assistant and Cortana. Clubbing up these voice searches, user experience has personified with these communicable devices.

Well-optimised websites get more and more traffic over time, leading to more leads and sales. Time to claim that #1 spot gradually!